The Scots against ISIS through the internet

Islamic State is going to wish it never existed after the Scots get involved.

By Scots we mean a few people on social media who have offered to take care of the terrorist group the only way people north of the border can.


‘Isis come to Edinburgh and I’ll kick your f***ing c**t in. Lovely from the lad…


Another Scot was surprised by the story Isis fighters could be high on drugs.

‘Aye that’s it Isis are all heavy oot their nuts havin hard to hearts n blasting techno, get tae f*** facebook,’ wrote @ronnoclligam.


It’s not the first time Scots have offered out the terrorists.

Following a report a woman known as Mrs Terror could be headed there earlier this year someone replied with the words: ‘Mon then ya cow’.


Someone also felt the need to put this sign up…

That should scare them away!

If there is a message to get from this, it’s that you do not mess with the Scots, they are brutal.