The most Scottish things ever

Scotland is unique in it’s own way. Here we have the most Scottish things ever.

1. This note found on the streets of Edinburgh


Someone got a little bit too angry.

2. Art critique


Scots are known for their amazing art critique, as displayed here.

3. Five pearls of Scottish wisdom


I like the way this person thinks. Simple minded. Makes everything a lot easier.

4. Feral Goats


Just ya average ‘Feral goats for 2 miles’ sign. They are pretty common in Scotland.

5. Only cubicle 4


Oh right, so if we want to have sex, cubicle 4 is available. Just got to remember to be quiet!

6. Testing whether Donald Trump wears a wig or not


This guy decided to use science to test whether Donald Trump wears a wig or not. Deep down we all know he does.

7. Scottish advent calendar


Who cares about chocolate? This is what you call an advent calendar.

8. Rene Lauener: He liked sitting


Right here we have a wonderful tribute to a dead person. Now everyone will remember him as someone who liked to sit down.

9. Slow Doon


This is about as Scottish as you will get it. “Slow Doon!”

10. Climbing all the way to the top to see this…


Of course tourists want to take pictures of nice scenery when they visit Scotland. Not this.

11. Just embarrassing


As if police weren’t hated, judged and taken the piss out of enough, Scotland introduce the ‘Unacceptable behaviour team’.

12. Drunk buses


Even the buses in Scotland get carried away with the drink. This one thinks it’s a train!

Well Scotland, you’ve outdone yourselves this time. This was as Scottish as it comes.