The best of ‘Meanwhile in Scotland’

Here we have gathered some of our favourite ‘Meanwhile in Scotland’ Memes, and to be honest, they are pretty decent!

1. It’s a 50/50 chance


Obviously we know this doesn’t happen, just have a sense of humour…


2. I would vote for him


This guy seems to know what he’s doing. I wouldn’t hesitate to vote for him either!

3. Only in Scotland


Poor guy. You don’t deserve to pull a tendon for kicking a terrorist. He deserves a medal.

4. Really???


Does this guy really have nothing better to do than to sh*t down someones chimney? What a pleb…

5. One word. How?


I mean, how the hell did he get his head stuck in a bin and what was he doing sticking his head in there in the first place?

6. Kilt Vader


So this is what Darth Vader does in his spare time. I never knew he was Scottish.

7. ‘Also my last day’


It’s his last day. Why not have some fun?

8. “F*ckin Keep It”


Yeah just pretend you didn’t need it anyway. You have another car to get you everywhere anyway. On second thoughts, it was probably stolen…

9. Sheep Shagging


There are only 2 places in the world that would do this, Scotland and New Zealand.

10. Ready Meals


Scotland. Where alcohol is also known as ‘Ready Meals’.

11. Health & Beauty


Not only is alcohol known as ‘Ready Meals’, it is also known as ‘Health & Beauty’.

12. Free Whisky with a haircut


Meanwhile in Scotland, you can get a free whisky with a haircut. Now that is great marketing.


Well done Scotland. You never fail to amuse me.