Scottish stereotypes that Scots are tired of seeing

Some of these stereotypes are just plain annoying. Sometimes it makes me wonder where the stereotypes even come from, anyway, here they are…


1. All women in Scotland have red hair


Here’s an example based off the movie ‘Brave’. No, not every girl has red hair


2. Men always wear kilts, regardless of the circumstances


Regardless of the weather, situation or historical events, for some reasons Scots are always displayed as wearing kilts.

3. Men are always drunk


Much like this guy, Scots are always thought to be drunk, which could actually very well be true.

4. All men can play the bagpipes


The bagpipes are very hard to play and no, a lot of Scots cannot play them.

5. You can’t leave the house without attending the Highland Games


As much as we all love the Highland Games, we don’t always go.

6. Sheep are always in the wayW6

No. We do not have wild sheep roaming around everywhere.

7. Scotland is only MountainousW7

As displayed by this scene from James Bond, Scotland has beautiful mountains, but we also have some sh*tpits.

8. Scots are obsessed with fighting

SPT_GCK_130310_RBS Six Nations Championship, Scotland V England, Picture Graham Chadwick, Dylan Hartley and Ross Ford fight

Yes we do have a backbone, but we don’t always resort to violence.


9. Scots put on blue paint and scream about freedom


This is displayed in many movies, braveheart and Brave are good examples but no, we do not do this…

10. Scottish people don’t speak English


Yes, Scots have a unique way of speaking and writing but it is still technically English, although you may have to ask them to repeat a few times.


So there we have it, these are 10 of the most popular Scottish stereotypes that Scots are used to hearing.