Funniest Scottish place names

Scotland is home to some of the greatest names of places. Here are 12 of my favourite!

1. Backside Lane1

Backside Lane. I would’t fancy going down there too much.

2. Butt of Lewis


I guess Backside Lane leads down to the Butt of Lewis. It’s as if there’s a whole road leading to a bum of someone called Lewis…

3. Cock Bridge


Ok, now this is going too far. Please don’t tell me this is part of Lewis.

4. Castlemilk


Ahh finally, somewhere different a castle full of milk!

5. Dull


This place sounds boring. Sorry I just had to. But really, couldn’t it have been something else?

6. Ecclefechan


Im not even going to try to pronounce that. If I had to it would sound something like this: Ecc-Lee-fa-chan. Aye, I tried.

7. Goatfell


I expect somewhere back in history a goat fell of a nearby cliff, thus, giving Goatfell it’s name. Well that’s my thought on how it came about. Creative, I know.

8. Twatt8

This just doesn’t seem right does it. I mean, why would you call a place ‘Twatt’? Yes it has a different spelling but it makes the exact same sound.

9. Sandy Balls

Picture Desk Project - Rude Britain - 100 rudest Place names in Britain by Rob Bailey and Ed Hurst , Published by Boxtree Sandy Balls page 128, No.6 Hampshire Place Situated in the New Forest Sandy balls derives from the lie of the land , namely dome-shaped gravel and sand outcrops. In the reign of Henry VII it was known as Sandyballas

Quite a nice name if you ask me. I would certainly go and visit ‘Sandy Balls’.

10. Bonny Bridge


Yet another name which I would love to know how it came about. Scotland, you have some crazy people.

11. Lochgelly


I believe this one is pronounced Lock-Jelly. This sounds like one of the more suitable names on this list.

12. Jedburgh


I think this one is similar to Edinburgh, don’t say it as Jed-Burrg, I thank it’s Jed-Burra or Jed-Bra.

Well that’s all for this list. Quite a few very questionable names there. I would love to know where the name ‘Twatt’ comes from. Thank you to the people of Scotland for these wonderful names.