Funniest Scottish phrases translated to understandable English

Sometimes, the phrases that the Scots say just do not make sense for the rest of the English speaking people, so here we have translated some of the funniest Scottish slang phrases.

1. “Am ah gettin’ ma hole?”

icon for Sex

So for anyone that doesn’t know what this means, it’s a Scottish way of saying “Are we going to have sex?”


2. “Bawbag”



Bawbag simply means scrotum.


3. “Dozy cunt”

David C

Dozy cunt means idiot, but I think a picture of David Cameron fits better. I mean Dozy Cunt and David Cameron. They both start with D and C! Perfect


4. “Fuck ye dain?”


This picture of Will perfectly fits this phrase. What the fuck are you doing?

5. “Glakit Cunt”


Again, we have used a picture to describe the slang, Stupid looking cunt.


6. “Go take a running fuck at a rolling doughnut”


This lengthy phrase means, I’m not persuaded of your argument.

7. “Up yer erse wi’ it”

Mr T

When someone you hate voices their opinion, you can say it like a Scot and you will be meaning ‘Feel free to shove it up your arse’.

8. “cludgie”


This one is simple, it is a shitter, crapper, toilet.

9. “gawn giese fuckin peace”


This one is one of my favourites! it means please be quiet.

10. “get tae fuck”


This one is pretty straight forward and probably used most frequently, it means ‘Fuck Off”.


So there you have it, some of the most common Scottish slang/phrases translated into understandable English. I would say translated to English but I don’t think that would go down well…