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Incredible inventions you had no idea were Scottish

Scots never fail to amaze us and continue to do so. Here we take a look back at the most incredible inventions straight outta Scotland.

1. Bicycle


There are more than twice as many bicycles in the world today. If you’re looking for someone historical to thank, look no further than Kirkpatrick Macmillan – this Scottish blacksmith is largely credited with inventing the rear wheel driven bike.

2. Colour Photography


Who hasn’t used colour Photography? Everyone uses this wonderful creation that we take for granted. But who do we have to thank? Obviously the Scots. The world over owe a debt of thanks to legendary physicist James Clerk Maxwell, who discovered the three colour method still used today. Insurance for this photography is expensive!

3. Halloween


Halloween is one of the best times of the year for young kids to dress up in costumes from movies they are too young to watch and knock on strangers’ houses. Although the event is popular throughout America, it still originated in Scotland.

4. Cloning


Dolly the Sheep became the first woolly animal to become a household name, after becoming the first cloned mammal in human history. This incredible advance in technology took place in Rothlin Institute in Midlothian, Scotland. Apparently Investors didn’t want Dolly!

5. Refrigerators


Yet another invention that none of use could live without. The refrigerator is one of my favourite inventions thanks to the Scots. Who doesn’t love an ice cold drink on a rare, British summers day? We can thank William Cullen for inventing it for us.

6. Toasters


Toast starts off the day for millions of people but do you ever think where this bread cooking machine came from? You guessed it, Scotland! The inventor of the toaster was Scotsman Alan MacMasters.

7. Flushing Toilets


We’ve all seen the scene from The Inbetweeners Movie where Neil takes a sh*t in the kids toilet and it won’t flush haven’t we? Well you could imagine what it would be like without flushing toilets then couldn’t you… A big thank you too Alexander Cummings. Why not Insure your toilet

8. Rap Music


Out of all the inventions on this list, none are quite as unique as the idea of the introduction of rap. Everyone knows it came from the American cities in the 70s and 80s, surely? Not according to an American professor – Ferenc Szasz claims that it originated in the ancient Caledonian art of “flyting” and was taken over to the States by Scottish slave owners, stating, “The Scots have a lengthy tradition of flyting.

9. Golf


The first sport to make it onto this list and I must say, it isn’t a bad one. Golf is growing in popularity and is a big business. Golf was first played way back in the 15th century in Scotland and first went to the Olympics in 1900 and will feature at this years in Rio.

10. Britain’s greatest Tennis player

Andy Murray in action against Ivan Dodig

The 2nd of the sports to make it on this list is Tennis. Tennis was not invented by the Scots but Britain’s best ever Tennis player was. Andy Murray had done Britain proud, although he is a Scot.

11. Christmas Tree


How could we have Christmas without a tree? Thanks to the Scots, we have a great tradition at Christmas, despite all the pine needles falling off onto the floor and getting everywhere.

12. Deep fried Mars Bar

Mars Bar

One of the most unhealthy snacks has come from the Scots too! The deep fried Mars Bar is enjoyed by millions around the world. I’d like to thank the Scots for this diabetes bar!

Basically, we owe the Scots a combined thank you, they have actually invented some pretty useful, tasty and enjoyable things.

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