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The Pro’s and Con’s of Leaving The EU


The pros and cons of leaving the EU

The greatest uncertainty associated with leaving the EU is that no country has ever done it before, so no one can predict the exact result.

Membership fee

Leaving the EU would result in an immediate cost saving, as the country would no longer contribute to the EU budget, argue Brexiters. Last year, Britain paid in £13bn, but it also received £4.5bn worth of spending, says Full Fact, “so the UK’s net contribution was £8.5bn”. That’s about 7 per cent of what the Government spends on the NHS each year.

What’s harder to determine is whether the financial advantages of EU membership, such as free trade and inward investment (see below) outweigh the upfront costs.


The EU is a single market in which no tariffs are imposed on imports and exports between member states. “More than 50 per cent of our exports go to EU countries,” says Sky News. Membership of the bloc means we have always had a say over how trading rules are drawn up.

Britain also benefits from trade deals between the EU and other world powers. “The EU is currently negotiating with the US to create the world’s biggest free trade area,” says the BBC, “something that will be highly beneficial to British business.”

Britain risks losing some of that negotiating power by leaving the EU, but it would be free to establish its own trade agreements.

Ukip leader Nigel Farage believes Britain could follow the lead of Norway, which has access to the single market but is not bound by EU laws on areas such as agriculture, justice and home affairs. But others argue that an “amicable divorce” would not be possible.

What Americans Think Scotland Is Like Vs. What It’s Actually Like

1. What Americans think the Highlands are like:


What the Highlands are actually like:


2. What Americans think Scottish wildlife is like:


What Scottish wildlife is actually like:


3. What Americans think Scottish schools are like:


What Scottish schools are actually like:


4. What Americans think Scottish shops are like:


What Scottish shops are actually like:


5. What Americans think Scottish festivals are like:


What Scottish festivals are actually like :


6. What Americans think winter in Scotland is like:


7. What Americans think Edinburgh is like:


What Edinburgh is actually like:


8. What Americans think Scottish battles are like:


What Scottish battles are actually like:


9. What Americans think Scottish pubs are like:


What Scottish pubs are actually like:


10. What Americans think all Scottish cafes are like:



What Scottish cafes are actually like:


H/T – Scottish Comedy

Funniest Scottish phrases translated to understandable English

Sometimes, the phrases that the Scots say just do not make sense for the rest of the English speaking people, so here we have translated some of the funniest Scottish slang phrases.

1. “Am ah gettin’ ma hole?”

icon for Sex

So for anyone that doesn’t know what this means, it’s a Scottish way of saying “Are we going to have sex?”


2. “Bawbag”



Bawbag simply means scrotum.


3. “Dozy cunt”

David C

Dozy cunt means idiot, but I think a picture of David Cameron fits better. I mean Dozy Cunt and David Cameron. They both start with D and C! Perfect


4. “Fuck ye dain?”


This picture of Will perfectly fits this phrase. What the fuck are you doing?

5. “Glakit Cunt”


Again, we have used a picture to describe the slang, Stupid looking cunt.


6. “Go take a running fuck at a rolling doughnut”


This lengthy phrase means, I’m not persuaded of your argument.

7. “Up yer erse wi’ it”

Mr T

When someone you hate voices their opinion, you can say it like a Scot and you will be meaning ‘Feel free to shove it up your arse’.

8. “cludgie”


This one is simple, it is a shitter, crapper, toilet.

9. “gawn giese fuckin peace”


This one is one of my favourites! it means please be quiet.

10. “get tae fuck”


This one is pretty straight forward and probably used most frequently, it means ‘Fuck Off”.


So there you have it, some of the most common Scottish slang/phrases translated into understandable English. I would say translated to English but I don’t think that would go down well…

12 Tweets the perfectly explain the weather in Scotland

These 12 tweets perfectly explain the weather in Scotland. These tweets are pretty much perfect and anyone living in Scotland will agree…














So yeah, the weather from Scotland is pretty shite as you could gather from these tweets. Still, if you hate the sun, then Scotland is perfect for you!

Scottish stereotypes that Scots are tired of seeing

Some of these stereotypes are just plain annoying. Sometimes it makes me wonder where the stereotypes even come from, anyway, here they are…


1. All women in Scotland have red hair


Here’s an example based off the movie ‘Brave’. No, not every girl has red hair


2. Men always wear kilts, regardless of the circumstances


Regardless of the weather, situation or historical events, for some reasons Scots are always displayed as wearing kilts.

3. Men are always drunk


Much like this guy, Scots are always thought to be drunk, which could actually very well be true.

4. All men can play the bagpipes


The bagpipes are very hard to play and no, a lot of Scots cannot play them.

5. You can’t leave the house without attending the Highland Games


As much as we all love the Highland Games, we don’t always go.

6. Sheep are always in the wayW6

No. We do not have wild sheep roaming around everywhere.

7. Scotland is only MountainousW7

As displayed by this scene from James Bond, Scotland has beautiful mountains, but we also have some sh*tpits.

8. Scots are obsessed with fighting

SPT_GCK_130310_RBS Six Nations Championship, Scotland V England, Picture Graham Chadwick, Dylan Hartley and Ross Ford fight

Yes we do have a backbone, but we don’t always resort to violence.


9. Scots put on blue paint and scream about freedom


This is displayed in many movies, braveheart and Brave are good examples but no, we do not do this…

10. Scottish people don’t speak English


Yes, Scots have a unique way of speaking and writing but it is still technically English, although you may have to ask them to repeat a few times.


So there we have it, these are 10 of the most popular Scottish stereotypes that Scots are used to hearing.

The Scots against ISIS through the internet

Islamic State is going to wish it never existed after the Scots get involved.

By Scots we mean a few people on social media who have offered to take care of the terrorist group the only way people north of the border can.


‘Isis come to Edinburgh and I’ll kick your f***ing c**t in. Lovely from the lad…


Another Scot was surprised by the story Isis fighters could be high on drugs.

‘Aye that’s it Isis are all heavy oot their nuts havin hard to hearts n blasting techno, get tae f*** facebook,’ wrote @ronnoclligam.


It’s not the first time Scots have offered out the terrorists.

Following a report a woman known as Mrs Terror could be headed there earlier this year someone replied with the words: ‘Mon then ya cow’.


Someone also felt the need to put this sign up…

That should scare them away!

If there is a message to get from this, it’s that you do not mess with the Scots, they are brutal.


This is what Scottish things looks like according to google

Before anyone gets too serious about this post, all searches done were based on using the words ‘Scottish man’ to search for a man or something like ‘Scottish child’. Please do not take this seriously, it’s a bit of fun!

All these photos are representations of Scotland according to Google Images…


1. This is what Scottish people look like…

A pro-independence supporter with a Saltire flag and a

Pretty stereotypical, I know.

2. Scottish Man


To be fair, I think this is almost expected.

3. Scottish women


Very stereotypical again, orange hair. What are you playing at google?

4. Scottish actor


This is better. One of my all time favourite Scots! Just under Sir Alex of course…

5. Scottish food


This one was more interesting. I was expecting Haggis or something along those lines.

6. Scottish banter


This one was absolute class!

7. Scottish cat


Not what I was expected. I was looking more along the lines for something like Puss in Boots. Just without the boots, hat and sword…

8. Scottish idiot


Well look who it is, Gordon Brown.

9. Scottish drink

scottish drink

I think 99% of Scots drink this!

10. Scottish Beauty


I think we can all admire this one!

11. Scottish Ugly

BLACKBURN, UNITED KINGDOM - APRIL 21:  Susan Boyle returns to her home in Blackburn, West Lothian on April 21, 2009 in Blackburn, Scotland. The 47-year-old has become a worldwide phenomenon after her rendition of the Les Miserables song 'I Dreamed a Dream' on the UK TV show 'Britain's Got Talent'.  (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Well well, Susan Boyle is displayed when you search ‘Scottish Ugly!’

12. The last one I searched one word, Scottish.


So there we go, this is the first post (after a Scottish Flag) that comes up when you search Scottish. Very nice for any foreign people wanting to see Scotland on the internet.

Well there we have it. This was Scotland, in google’s eyes.

12 times Scottish people made Facebook a little bit funnier

I think Scottish people win at the internet.




Well done Dad!



Ummm, I dunno, maybe a fire?



Thank you for clarifying that. I was just about to as you.



That comment! To be fair, he’s probably right…



Ooooo Stacey! Haven’t raised ya daughter too well have we?



Ahh yes, lovely. Wallpaper should do the trick.




Yes Caroline that is horrible. But quite funny as well.



That has to be one of the best comments ever!



How to decide whether to accept someone on facebook: See if he gets egged or not…




Don’t worry, it’s only court. Im sure they will understand.




Lesson: Be patient.


So there we go, 12 times that Scots certainly won at the internet.



The best of ‘Meanwhile in Scotland’

Here we have gathered some of our favourite ‘Meanwhile in Scotland’ Memes, and to be honest, they are pretty decent!

1. It’s a 50/50 chance


Obviously we know this doesn’t happen, just have a sense of humour…


2. I would vote for him


This guy seems to know what he’s doing. I wouldn’t hesitate to vote for him either!

3. Only in Scotland


Poor guy. You don’t deserve to pull a tendon for kicking a terrorist. He deserves a medal.

4. Really???


Does this guy really have nothing better to do than to sh*t down someones chimney? What a pleb…

5. One word. How?


I mean, how the hell did he get his head stuck in a bin and what was he doing sticking his head in there in the first place?

6. Kilt Vader


So this is what Darth Vader does in his spare time. I never knew he was Scottish.

7. ‘Also my last day’


It’s his last day. Why not have some fun?

8. “F*ckin Keep It”


Yeah just pretend you didn’t need it anyway. You have another car to get you everywhere anyway. On second thoughts, it was probably stolen…

9. Sheep Shagging


There are only 2 places in the world that would do this, Scotland and New Zealand.

10. Ready Meals


Scotland. Where alcohol is also known as ‘Ready Meals’.

11. Health & Beauty


Not only is alcohol known as ‘Ready Meals’, it is also known as ‘Health & Beauty’.

12. Free Whisky with a haircut


Meanwhile in Scotland, you can get a free whisky with a haircut. Now that is great marketing.


Well done Scotland. You never fail to amuse me.

12 Signs that you are Scottish

1. You know Irn-Bru is the ultimate hangover cure

Irn Bru

That fluorescent orange glow. There’s a reason Scotland is the only country in the world that sells more Irn-Bru than Coca-Cola, and it’s because we know about its magical headache removing properties.

2. You know how to pronounce Edinburgh


It can be either Edin-burra or Edin-bra. It is never Edinborrow or Edinbuurg.


3. You are either an Edinburgh or Glasgow person


The banter between these two cities can range from a little bit of fun and joking to absolutely demolishing the other city and bringing up every bit of bad news about the city.

4. You are always prepared for rain


This one goes without saying. Always expect rain, never plan a day without expecting it.


5. You understand that tourist believe in all the legends


The Loch ness monster is the obvious one isn’t it. But they believe all the legends. Haggis? Yup that’s a small creature running round the Highlands.

6. You smile and nod when tourists tell you about their Scottish rootsTourists

You understand they’re telling you out of pride, and you honestly do appreciate the thought, but you’ve heard it so many times now you’re not really paying attention anymore.

7. You’ll support any football team that plays against England


Ahh yes, the classic Scotland v England banter. The Scots support the other team as much as they would their own, but it’s done with a little more fun and less pressure.

8. Planned BBQ’s rarely work out


The picture above is the complete opposite. In Scotland, when someone plans a BBQ it will either rain or something bad will happen to a friend or family member causing the whole BBQ to be cancelled, much to everyones relief.

9. Men dressed in kilts is normalKilts

It’s the standard dress code for all formal events including prom, graduation balls, and weddings. It’s also totally fine to be a True Scotsman and forgo any underwear, usually resulting in much hilarity and some interesting up-the-kilt shots once everyone is drunk enough to happily flash.

10. You add an ‘S’ to the end of supermarket names


Tesco becomes Tescos, Asda becomes Asdas. It’s just how it is.

11. You were forced to do Scottish Country dancing


Did you want to do it? No. Did you enjoy it? No. Do you ever do it now? Not really.

12. Your vocabulary


Much like Willy, your vocabulary consisted of ‘Aye’, ‘Numpty’, ‘Aye right’ and ‘Baltic’

Well there you go. If you relate to most of these, you are definitely different, I mean Scottish.