Amputee football is coming to Scotland thanks to Partick Thistle

A PIONEERING Scottish charity has teamed up with a Premiership team to provide football training sessions for amputees.

Patrick Thistle has teamed up with Scottish charity Finding Your Feet to offer football training to amputee Scots. Pictured is Keeley Cerretti, aged seven

At present, amputee Scots have to travel more than 150 miles for a game of football. The new partnership between Glasgow-based charity, Finding Your Feet, and Partick Thistle’s charitable trust will allow amputees to play competitively north of the border.

It is hoped that the initiative could help pave the way for a Scottish amputee football league.


The England Amputee Football Association currently works to set up new clubs across England, but there has been no equivalent body established in Scotland until Finding Your Feet stepped in.

The charity was set up two years ago by Corinne Hutton, who became a quadruple amputee after losing her hands and feet to septicaemia in 2013.

It aims to provide a support network to amputees and those with limb deficiency including the creation of opportunities in sport and recreation.