12 Signs that you are Scottish

1. You know Irn-Bru is the ultimate hangover cure

Irn Bru

That fluorescent orange glow. There’s a reason Scotland is the only country in the world that sells more Irn-Bru than Coca-Cola, and it’s because we know about its magical headache removing properties.

2. You know how to pronounce Edinburgh


It can be either Edin-burra or Edin-bra. It is never Edinborrow or Edinbuurg.


3. You are either an Edinburgh or Glasgow person


The banter between these two cities can range from a little bit of fun and joking to absolutely demolishing the other city and bringing up every bit of bad news about the city.

4. You are always prepared for rain


This one goes without saying. Always expect rain, never plan a day without expecting it.


5. You understand that tourist believe in all the legends


The Loch ness monster is the obvious one isn’t it. But they believe all the legends. Haggis? Yup that’s a small creature running round the Highlands.

6. You smile and nod when tourists tell you about their Scottish rootsTourists

You understand they’re telling you out of pride, and you honestly do appreciate the thought, but you’ve heard it so many times now you’re not really paying attention anymore.

7. You’ll support any football team that plays against England


Ahh yes, the classic Scotland v England banter. The Scots support the other team as much as they would their own, but it’s done with a little more fun and less pressure.

8. Planned BBQ’s rarely work out


The picture above is the complete opposite. In Scotland, when someone plans a BBQ it will either rain or something bad will happen to a friend or family member causing the whole BBQ to be cancelled, much to everyones relief.

9. Men dressed in kilts is normalKilts

It’s the standard dress code for all formal events including prom, graduation balls, and weddings. It’s also totally fine to be a True Scotsman and forgo any underwear, usually resulting in much hilarity and some interesting up-the-kilt shots once everyone is drunk enough to happily flash.

10. You add an ‘S’ to the end of supermarket names


Tesco becomes Tescos, Asda becomes Asdas. It’s just how it is.

11. You were forced to do Scottish Country dancing


Did you want to do it? No. Did you enjoy it? No. Do you ever do it now? Not really.

12. Your vocabulary


Much like Willy, your vocabulary consisted of ‘Aye’, ‘Numpty’, ‘Aye right’ and ‘Baltic’

Well there you go. If you relate to most of these, you are definitely different, I mean Scottish.